solutions: sunflower lecithin

My friends and I who are electrosentient have found some relief and improved resilience to fields in liquid sunflower lecithin from NOW Foods. It is about $20 for 16 oz. I mostly take a glob of it with milk in the evening. It seems to be calming and restorative. Having taken it for a couple years, my cognitive function has sharply improved: much better memory, much quicker, much more neuroplasticity.

The brain is 60% cholesterol, and these phospholipids seem to be something our brains love. Can you say relaxed? Yes. Very relaxed. Very good for sleepytime. If I am under stress or doing a lot of healing I can go through 16 oz of this stuff in two weeks. It will last a normal person a month or two of daily dosing.

Did you notice it says _sunflower_? That’s right. No soy for this boy. I used to rave with the Pro-Soy Techno Love Kids, but my soy days are over. Still dance, though.

This is not medical advice. You are responsible for what you put in your head and what you put in your mouth. If you want a deep dive into that, check out my book _Eating Awake: Integrating the Diet of the Dreamtime_ at You’ll learn about everything from sprout salad to liver jerky. Seriously.