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I recently invested in some hardware that helps me deal with the radiation where I live—primarily 5G. It is from a company called blushield. I have done a lot of creative stuff to help myself deal with this issue and it was nice to get meaningful results right out of the box, and profound improvements. The stuff is expensive, but it works. It probably costs what any state of the art electronic product would. Their website is Use my affiliate code to get yourself a 10% discount on whatever you buy: biovibe.

Blushield Review

I recently got two BluShield units, the T1 for out in the world and the EvoCube for at home. I have gotten benefits from both. I have had them for less than three weeks.

I unboxed the EvoCube and plugged it in. I immediately began to breathe deeply. I kept breathing deeply. I felt like a mobile device, connecting to a new network, a new signal—a healthy one. That breathing has not become my new normal yet, but I do get it for several hours a day as I sleep beside the device. I wake up breathing deeply, and sometimes hear myself breathing so deeply that I wake up, but all in all, I sleep more deeply and more efficiently than ever before. I also find myself sitting at home in inner silence, breathing deeply. Sometimes I sleep only three or four hours and wake up fully charged. Thank you, EvoCube.

Other sleep-related benefits: Somehow this thing keeps me out of the Matrix when I dream, or at least more conscious in it. Previously, externally driven violence dreams or sex dreams would have bad effects on me: The agents would rob me. I have noticed the ability to avoid them or escape from them since sleeping next to the EvoCube. The Agents have gotten some change, but have not drained my whole account.

I have also noticed my joints unlocking when I wake up: Ankles, knees, hips and occiput (where the skull meets the spine). It is as if there is less torque on my body now. I have noticed that torque since I was first damaged by Smart Meters 20 years ago, and any time I pass into a strong enough 5G field, my body tightens and twists. So having that finally unwind is a real grace and blessing for me. I feel a lot more even and responsive to events now; less caught up in the noise and echoes of my inner trauma.

With the T1, I had high hopes that it would restore my ability to travel into parts of town currently unavailable to me due to heavy 5G saturation. It has not actually unlocked those areas for me—but it has made visiting the outskirts less bad. Keep in mind, this thing is not really a shield. It is something that helps us attune to its signal, rather than to the disorganized synthetic signal around us. With its help I now have less of a reaction to some 5G towers. Previously, they would freak me out, tighten me, or give me one-sided headaches that could last for an hour or more. Now I recover in minutes.

Holding the T1 in my hand also makes me breathe deeply. I feel I am using both units for biofeedback purposes, learning to align to their signal. My nervous system is reorienting to a positive signal and releasing its affiliation with ambient radiation that provokes immune cascades. This is exactly what the product literature says will happen. I do not really understand the mechanism, but I can confirm the effects.

I am blessed, right now, not to be in housing with Smart Meters. This truly contributes to my improved sleep, healing and growth. I feel the Blu Shield devices make these even more profound. My experiences with radiation pollution are discussed at I mention various things that have helped me, and these Blu Shield devices are high on the list. I definitely recommend them and am grateful for them.