smart meter retrofit

I was damaged by smart meters 20 years ago, and knew that I would deal with them again soon, as my local utility (EWEB) was pushing for 100% compliance. So I took steps. I am already highly electrosensitive and wanted to reduce any further sensitization

The happy outcome is that I am now able to sleep well for the first time in decades, even though I am in an apartment building with multiple meters and am not too far from the bank (second apartment in). I am also able to think better and am less disabled by 5G then previously; I recover from exposures more quickly.

The solution has four elements:

1) Aluminum sheeting to block RF radiation through the walls and floor (at about $4 per 48-inch-wide yard).
2) Bimetallic copper/nickel sheeting to block both EMF and RF from the walls and floor, in the bedroom (at about $20 per 54-inch-wide yard).
3) Stetzer filters to block EMF fields from outlets (at about $40 each, plus a tester at $140). I use 7 filters for a one-bedroom apartment. This EMF is related to dirty electricity and voltage transients.
4) Blushield home and portable devices to provide a coherent scalar signal that the body orients to, rather than the frenetic one generated by the dirty electricity/radiation. The portable I got is about $400. The top of the line home unit is about $2300. I got both before the Smart Meters were turned on, before doing any other shielding and immediately began sleeping better. They have other models for a third as much that may be adequate for your needs. Their website is Use my affiliate code to get yourself a 10% discount on whatever you buy: biovibe.


I am just going to go through these briefly. I will assume that you already know some about the phenomena involved.

Smart Meters radiate RF (radio frequency radiation) they also have a switching mode power supply that generates EMF (electromagnetic fields) through the wiring of buildings (dirty electricity and voltage transients). RF and EMF must both be dealt with to give your body a safe place to sleep and heal.

5G and 4G towers also generate RF, as do your neighbors’ Smart Meters, phones, and other smart devices. They go right through wood-framed buildings but not metal. Wifi is also RF, and so is bluetooth, which is particularly aggressive. Once you are sensitized you will want to block all this. A good first step is turning off wifi in your router and connecting your computer and devices with cables (all computers and some iPhones, Motorola Android phones, and some tablets have this functionality–I will do another post on the topic if asked).

Blocking RF can be done fairly cheaply with radiant aluminum sheeting like that used in attics. It is 4 feet wide. The rolls I get are 125 feet long, for $80+. I cut out two sheets for the top and bottom of a wall, and secure them to the wall with big stainless steel tacks. I did this in the living room. The living room is the room closest to the meter bank.

[Aluminum sheeting is cheap and ease to use. Folding it into corners could be easy, if you are crafty.]

Blocking EMF and RF in the bedroom is similar: I basically wrapped the bedroom in the heavier nickel-copper bimetallic sheets to mid-wall (lower wall) and put sheets under the rug. I also turned off the radiant flooring in the floors (it is electric blanket style, not fluid) at the breaker, because I knew it would transmit EMF from the meter. I use the more expensive bimetal sheets in the bedroom because they block both RF and EMF and sleep is the activity where it matters most—it is where our bodies recalibrate, harmonize, and heal.

Without a safe place to sleep, the rate of harm from microwave radiation poisoning can exceed the rate of recovery that should happen during sleep. When that happens our health deteriorates. One example of this is dementia. Dementia is now classified as Type 3 diabetes. Our brains degenerate due to blood sugar elevation. Microwave radiation from wifi, cell phones, smart meters, etc., hyperstimulates calcium gated voltage channels in our cells, producing elevated blood sugar. Staring at the phone or tablet when it is connected wirelessly to a network actually creates a sugar high. No wonder kids are addicted. Dementia and memory loss are now truly pandemic after thirty years of widespread microwave radiation saturation.

[The bimetallic sheets linked to above are a mellow gold color. Greasy fingers will stain them.]

I put 2 Stetzer Filters in the bedroom on a power strip, three in the kitchen where I work a lot, and one in the living room and bathroom. It brought down the EMF levels from 150 to high 20s. 25 – 50 is healthy. My neighbor, next to the meter bank, had levels at 700 and the filters brought them down to below 50. She also did the metallic fabric on that wall and floor, doubled up I think. She very kindly put a filter on our shared kitchen wall on her side because her wiring was so hot I could feel the EMF on my side. The levels are proprietary to the device manufacturer, not rads or mw per meter squared (so I cannot tell you what those readings are; I did not use my regular meters in her apartment, knowing what the levels were in mine and not wanting to terrorize her). Stetzer was one of the white-hat scientists that knew EMFs and voltage transients were a problem and got on with fixing it.

[These are stetzer filters. They are about 2.5 x 4.5″ and make a crackling sound when you plug them in.]

EMF can also be blocked with mylar, which is cheap. Big sheets of mylar are less than a dollar each, but they can tear. They can be used between the aluminum sheets and the wall; then they won’t tear. Then you have an anti-RF and anti-EMF sandwich. They can also be put under rugs, but they are noisy. Double up on them there too: carpet on bottom, mylar (blocks EMF), aluminum (blocks RF), area rug on top. If you are in a single family home, blocking the floor may be unnecessary. If you are in an apartment building, blocking both floor and ceiling may be necessary. I have not experimented with ceilings yet. I suspect drywall screws will be needed to hold the sheeting, and reinforcing those areas where screws penetrate with a thin layer of shoe goo or other clear glue to create a rip-proof area would be wise.

Let’s review that again briefly: Bimetallic sheets (nickel and copper) block EMF and RF and cost $20 per 54-inch-wide yard. Aluminum sheets block only RF and cost $4 per 48-inch-wide yard. Mylar sheets block only EMF and cost $1 per 54-inch by 84-inch sheet. Using mylar and aluminum sandwich, your price for blocking both RF and EMF is less than $10 per yard of wall (top and bottom, full height) rather than $40 per yard of wall with the bimetallic fabric.

The Blushield products are for the nervous system and immune system. They do not stop radiation from penetrating our bodies and causing harm. They do seem to stop immune system chain reactions to that harm; the body creates Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) to combat the perceived invader, the ROS go on damaging other tissue and imbalancing other systems. Those chain reactions cause the worst effects, in my experience.

The home unit gets the body used to tuning in to the signal of the device 24-7. The portable provides a smaller signal that works in the car or out in public. I keep mine in a pocket against my heart. These are not those little pendants with groovy patterns. These are powered devices producing variable fields. Why variable? Our bodies accommodate to and ignore most benign environmental signals. Blushield is different than other devices in that it uses chips that are constantly altering the pattern of signals among benign ones, so that our bodies stay focused on them instead of the electromagnetic chaos around us.

I am now a Blushield affiliate and will get you a 10% discount on any products you buy from them. Their website is Use my affiliate code to get yourself a 10% discount on whatever you buy: biovibe. I know the products are not cheap, but they have made an incredible difference to me. I could not sleep well for 20 years. My body could not heal or grow well for 20 years. Now it can. I can sleep at any time of day and am putting on muscle mass like a champ. It is a true renaissance for me.

This is a quality company. If you receive no benefit from the products within a month, you can send them back for a refund, less a 20% restocking fee.

What about Earthing?

I did use Earthing products for years, and they did keep me slightly more sane as I became electrosensitive, chemically sensitive, light sensitive, and sound sensitive. There is evidence to show that in the presence of voltage transients grounding our bodies (aka Earthing) actually conducts more of these transients through our bodies than would otherwise happen. At the same time, being grounded connects us with a stream of electrons from the Earth that has healing effects. I cannot recommend one way or another. The Blushield folks write great white papers, and they say that making a total EMF shielding box that cut us off from the earth is a baaaad idea. I agree with them. My emphasis is on blocking the known sources of RF (the meter bank) and the EMF (the building’s wiring) and leaving the walls nearest to nature (the Earth and Sequoias) open. I feel a strong positive benefit with the windows open on the sides that do not expose me to RF.

Additional thoughts:

Whole house filters: There are whole house filters than can be installed between the Smart Meter and the rest of the house’s wiring. They cost about $1700 and must be installed by an electrician. This would take care of the dirty electricity/EMF issue, but a metal barrier between the meter and the living space would be a good idea to deal with the RF if your smart meter is broadcasting or there are phone towers nearby. seems to be a very professional outfit at this prices, and they will build a unit specific to your house, or send you one appropriately configured. I understand they have good customer service and will talk you through figuring out your needs. Paying a local electrician to install one might be $150 to $300. This testimonial by one of their clients, about the improvement in a teenager affected by EMF is powerfully important.

Non-transmitting meters: My utility is telling folks that we will be given a non-transmitting, non-radiating meter if we have health concerns. For perspective, I lived in a duplex (in Veneta) where the Smart Meter was wired, not radiating. There was no RF, but the EMF was still intense enough to keep from sleeping or healing well at the opposite end of the house, because EMF and dirty electricity radiate through the wiring, not just at the meter box. So a non-broadcasting meter still harms health. The bioinitiative report goes into great detail about EMF harming life, and breaks down the mechanisms.

I hope this is useful to you. I have shared the majority of my know how on this topic. If you want help getting a blushield machine at a discount, contact me.

Safe is sold out. Stay sane!